As you are all aware, due to the Coronavirus outbreak new measures are being put in place by the Government and by workplaces across the UK.

In light of this, we will be changing our work patterns to help alleviate the spread. As of today we will be putting in place the following;

  • The office will be open on the basis of maximum 2 people at a time, masks must be worn on entry
  • Property viewings and non-urgent house visits are going ahead, but only with the use of full PPE
  • Staff will be available to contact via email during the hours of 10am - 5pm on weekdays, and 10am - 2pm on Saturdays
  • To speak to a member of the team, please call 0118 966 66 60 and choose from the listed options
  • The emergency phone will still be available to call out of office hours for our fully managed properties when necessary

The above changes will be in place until further notice.

Information for Students - FAQ's

How will this affect my current tenancy?
We are trying our best to ensure that your day-to-day life is not being affected by the new Government legislatures, and that your tenancy is running as normal. If your house has not yet been let for next year, we may still be booking viewings if all current tenants are happy for this to go ahead. All prospective attendees are vetted prior to entering someone’s home.

Should I be making plans to leave the property?
No. We will not be recommending that anybody leaves unless they want to. All contracts and tenancies will remain valid as normal, and we will not be asking anybody to leave early.

I want to go home early, can I do this?
Yes. However you will still be tied into a contract and will need to ensure that the terms of the contract are being honoured. The property cannot be left empty for more than 28 days, as this can lead to maintenance issues and safety concerns. The rent will still be due every month, regardless of whether you are still residing in the house.

What do I need to keep an eye on in the house?
If somebody in the house is leaving early, their room will need to be left well ventilated and heated so that condensation or mould doesn’t build up. Fridges and freezers will need to be defrosted if the house is being left empty.

What should I do with my house keys?
Please keep hold of them until near the end of your tenancy. If you do not want to take them back home, then they can be left with the lead tenant or left in your room in a secure place. They can be returned to Space from 30th June 2020.

Will I still need to pay house bills if I’m leaving early?
Yes. All bills will need to be paid as normal.

What do I need to do when my tenancy ends?
We will contact you nearer the time with more information of what we will need from you. A pre-check out will be done in May which will provide you with a comprehensive guide of what the property should look like once you have moved out.

What about my security deposit, will this be affected?
As long as the house is looked after, your security deposit will not be affected by the changes.

Information for Landlords

How will this affect the management of my property?
Face to face contact should be kept to a minimum. If landlords are unable to gain access to a property due to tenants isolating, a record of correspondence with the tenant should be kept. Inspection/work should be carried out and rebooked for as soon as the tenant has finished self-isolation. The council should also be informed of any work that cannot be carried out. RLA and NLA are advocating for suspension of property inspections during the period.

Am I still able to do regular checks on my property?
All landlords should be washing their hands before and after visiting a property. You should consider whether or not it is absolutely necessary to interact with your tenant during this period.

Can I still charge my tenants rent?
Although you can still charge your tenants rent please be flexible with payment difficulties as some tenants are unable to go to work. Ideally, you should agree a reduced rent and future payment plan for arrears.

What if my tenant is self-isolating, and we were due to complete a Gas Safe inspection and/or repairs to the property?
Keep a dialogue with the tenant to explain in writing they are self-isolating and they do not wish to have visitors and book an appointment when they are completed their self-isolation. Inform the local authority housing team you are unable to complete the inspection/safety checks at this time.

What should I be doing as a landlord in regards to social distancing?
Contact your tenants and find out if they fall into the higher-risk categories as they may need assistance with receiving food and medicine. If you do wish to do this you should liaise with your tenant as to the best method of delivering items without physical contact. Landlords should seek minimum face to face contact with tenants.

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